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Upgrade Name: Mach3 Driven 3D Printer


Created by: User:deejayspinz

Captured to Wiki by: User:jrsteensen

Description: A 3D Printer Upgrade that uses Mach3 as GCode Sender, to allow for rapid conversion from mill/router to 3D Printer.

Status: Implemented[1]


  1. No additional hardware stack, other than some minor additional components.
  2. Uses same CNC Controller, such as the 4 or 5 axis TB6560 based controllers for Mach3.


  1. Fully functional and wired ShapeOko using a Mach3 compatable controller, with at least one axis free for extruder stepper.
  2. gnexLab Extruder Controller (2 thermistor type) - $59.00 [2]
  3. MBE Extruder v9 - Single w/ NEMA 17 stepper - $49.00 [3]
  4. Silicone Rubber Heater Bed 300mm x 300mm (12"x12") - $59.99 [4]
  5. Simple additional bracketry for extruder mount to Z axis - (DESIGN TBD)
  6. Simple additional bracketry for heat bed to bed - (DESIGN TBD)
  7. Klapton tape (Various manufacturers)
  8. 12" x 12" Glass Sheet for Bed Surface (Various manufacturers)
  9. Dedicated 12V 20A power supply for heated bed ($40 for Chinese PSU, Various Manufacturers)


  1. Licensed copy of Mach3
  2. Mach3 Addon with modified Slic3r included - $Free [5]

Total Cost: Approximately $207.99 USD


Discussion in the forum at the bottom of page 1 of thread.

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