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Bundled with machines sold during the 2019 Black Friday Sale: this is a commercial 3D CAD app.

  • Windows 64-bit, 7 or later
  • 4+GB RAM
  • Video card compatible with DirectX 9
  • Internet Access

The company has a forum:

It is being featured in a series of magazine articles:

An exercise manual/tutorial is available:

Lengthy thread with the history of the program:




When launched, the application Home window has 3 tab menus:

  • Home --- allows opening files (including a list of the most recent 12 files with thumbnails) or creating a new part, assembly, or manufacturing drawing
  • Explore --- links to:
    • Help --- standard online Windows .chm help file
    • Tutorials --- links to a page on the website
    • Exercise Manual --- links to a page on the website with various links including the Exercise Manual linked above
    • Video training
    • Sample parts
    • Knowledge base
    • Community
      • Alibre User Forum
      • Suggest a Feature
      • Community Gallery
  • Utilities --- various helpful links as well as machine and license information
Alibre Atom3D Home Screen.png

Resources [1]

Example Files