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Expandable Sleeving

The ShapeOko 2 makes use of this: Black Expandable Sleeving. Similar, and installable after-the-fact is spiral cable wrap.

Drag Chain

Shapeoko 3

ShapeOko 3: Drag Chain XL and XXL kits uses 15x20.[1] 59 (or 60? links on the X-axis drag chain.

3D printed brackets:


Forum discussion and images here: Re: Cable Control

Video examining how one user[2] ran his cables using drag chain:

Further discussion, including specifications in Re: Custom ShapeOko Design

One suggestion is to use the same size throughout a machine.[3]

Mounting brackets: Google Plus image gallery including drag chain brackets[4]

Mention of sizes:


2M noted as enough for an SO3:

Installation Images

Pepik purchased drag chain, mounting it w/ one extrusion bracket, two corner braces found at any hardware store (similar to this), some nuts and bolts, and one insertion nut:

SO2 gantry drag chain attachment
SO2 gantry drag chain attachment, front view
SO2 gantry drag chain attachment Y-axis
SO2 gantry drag chain attachment X-axis gantry
SO2 gantry drag chain attachment X-axis gantry, underside
SO2 gantry drag chain attachment Y-axis frame attachment



Another option, esp. for the Z-axis is to encase the wiring in a spring:


Similarly, tubing can be used:

Plastic Strapping

An image in a forum post by user jzhvymetal shows using plastic strapping (bucket handles purchased from American Science Surplus for $0.25[11]). Pairs of holes were drilled on each side and the wires zip tied for cable management: DEWALT DWP611.

Mega-Zip Ties

3 x 0.79 + 7.97 == $10.34

Zip ties are available in their largest size in up to 36" lengths. Using 3 such [12], and a length of Wiremold/Legrand Nonmetallic Raceway, White, two brackets fashioned from wall shelf standard and a number of smaller zip ties, this very inexpensive DIY cable management system was fashioned:

DIY cable management, 1m Y-axis

Mechanical Arms

One early cable management system was BobT's Teeter Scissors which used inexpensive lengths of aluminum bar stock arranged on hinges to provide a charming mechanical, almost steampunk aesthetic to the functionality.

Other Alternatives

Velcro can work well for securing drag chains and so forth.[13]


A traditional way to manage wiring is waxed linen string[14]:

Lacing instructions:

Further Additions

Cap for Nema 23 --- a 3D printed cap from Thingiverse which manages the cables and provides a place for a cable plug-in.

An interesting technique for attaching the Terminal Blocks is to use a 3M command strip: Y left and right and terminal strip mount.

The use of an iron cordholder was mentioned in the Google Groups:!topic/shapeoko/cJMQ_keO1eo

One technique for arranging and controlling the wires is cable lacing: