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Carbide 3D is the small, self-funded company which made the Nomad 883 which was launched on Kickstarter May 2014. Since then, Edward Ford (designer of the Shapeoko has joined them as a partner), and they added the Shapeoko 3, XL and XXL to their product lineup. The original Nomad has been replaced by the Nomad 883 Pro.

This page is intended to be a sitemap of their site, so as to have one master reference.

Main Pages

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Nomad Shapeoko Notes Company home page Machines

Specifications E-commerce pages Company forums using Disqus Who we are What our machines are made of Blog Contact information, c.f., Social Media Links below


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Nomad Shapeoko Notes

Assembly and User Guides

Machine Assembly/Setup

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Nomad Shapeoko Notes

The Shapeoko comes in 3 variants:

The Nomad simply requires unboxing and setup, the Shapeoko 3/XL/XXL come as kits which must be assembled


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Nomad Shapeoko Notes
Carbide Motion:
Carbide Create:
Carbide Updater Includes link to Grbl 1.1
Rapid PCB Replaced by Carbide Copper (see below)
Carbide Copper (product page)

System Requirements (also noted at:




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Nomad Shapeoko Notes
Tutorial 1 - Making a wrench Shapeoko Hello World Nomads begin with making a collet wrench, Shapeokos with a traditional "Hello World", with a Sharpie and a piece of paper.
Tutorial 2 - Using a 3D File in MeshCAM
Tutorial 3 - Making a two-tone wood sign

Bamboo Work Clamps made with Carbide Create Shapeoko Clamps Tutorial Zipped version for convenience.

File sometimes gets broken by CC updates: For the Shapeoko 3, the file is easily adapted for an XL or XXL.
Shapeoko Relief Sign Tutorial
Coaster Project Note that the file/design will need to be reduced to cut on a Nomad.


Shapeoko Tutorials

Carbide Copper Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

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Nomad Shapeoko Notes Knowledgebase --- in addition to machine-specific information includes FAQs on:
CNC Milling vs. 3D Printing

Using the Machine

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Nomad Shapeoko Notes Also at: Operating Checklist with some additional Shapeoko maintenance information.

Support Library

Carbide 3D Answer Videos

Sending Settings for your HDZ with Carbide Motion

Carbide Carbide - Vcarving a logo sign

Carbide Create Pro - Textured Dish

Designing a Cigar Tray with Carbide Create Pro

Generating a Quote:

Swapping Controller:


Workholding (Nomad):

Other Pages

Technical Reference

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Nomad Shapeoko Notes Feeds and speeds charts are in Imperial measure. c.f., Materials
Shapeoko Tool Changes and Offsets
Parts Beta utility to update to Grbl 1.1

Note that the Carbide Create tutorial videos are now called out as the User Guide:

Customer Projects

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Nomad Shapeoko Notes

Social Media Links