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While the Dewalt DW660 will fit in the original/stock mounts[1], it's much easier to get one parallel and aligned and securely fastened, and ensure the vents are not blocked by using a custom mount as described below.


Created by: User:Improbable Construct

Upgrade Name: DW660

Description: Using the DW660 for your spindle

Status: Fully functional

Materials: 3/8" UHMW, HDPE, or ?

Requirements: Double Makerslide X-Axis and Y-axis dual-drive (either Drive Shaft or Dual Motor) per [2]

Diameter: ~63mm[3]


DW660 Mounts

The drawings can be found on github.

The ShapeOko 2 version is here: dxf.


DW660 Modification

Tool Free Collar Removal and Spindle Lock Rotation
Remove the collet first, then use a T15 bit to remove the 4 screws holding the front of the tool together.

You have to hold the tool with the collet UP. If you don't, the entire rotor can fall out of the tool and requires total disassembly of the tool to reinstall. Try not to pull on the shaft, just the yellow cover.

Once you have removed the 4 screws and the collet nut, the front of the tool comes right off. Remove the snap ring and the tool free collar comes off.
At this point you can also twist the black metal piece and yellow shroud 90 degrees to put the shaft lock on the side with the DeWALT logo.
Removal gives you more room under the tool and makes it much easier to use.
Use a 5/8" wrench to tighten the collet and the stock button to hold the shaft.

If you did manage to pull the rotor out accidentally, have no fear, you've actually only given yourself about 15 more minutes of work. There are 2 spring loaded magnets way up in there that need to be pulled back in order to get the rotor seated all the way. Remove the 4 screws at the other end of the router where the power cord enters. Set the free piece aside and let the other end dangle by the wires attaching it. (You did remember to unplug it first, right?) You can wedge something in the small torsion springs, keeping the magnets held out as you re-insert the rotor.

Discussion in the forum

Successful Implementations

Alternate Implementations

Also note a different design, intended to move the unit closer to the gantry, in a forum post by user zapmaker Yet another set of DW660 mounting brackets (with files).

Less Power

Since the DW660 is single-speed, some users have used a router speed control unit, such as the MLCS 9400 Standard Duty Router Speed Control to slow it down. Forum discussion: Re: DW660 Mods. This may create cooling issues, since the low-end machines are cooled by a fan on the motor shaft.[4]

More Power

Also note the use of an even larger Dewalt DWP611 trim router in a forum post by user jzhvymetal here.

See also Spindle Options.