Dewalt DW660 Dust Shoe

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DeWalt DW660 Dust Shoe

See Dust Shoe for an overview of other implementations.


Created by: User:Improbable Construct

Upgrade Name: DW660 Dust Shoe

Description: A dust shoe for the DeWalt DW660

Status: Fully functional

Materials: 3/8" Acrylic, Brush Strips, Neodymium Magnets, 1-1/4" Vacuum Hose, 2-M5x30 Socket Head Cap Screws


The acrylic was milled with a 1/8" 2 flute bit.
Pass Depth=0.08"
Feed Rate=400mm/min
Plunge Rate=75mm/min.

The magnet holes are cut to 1.8mm to allow a bit of room for glue.
The brush strip slot is 5mm deep. No glue is needed for the brush strip but it is a work out to get it in the slot. I found that easing the edges of the slot with a file helped.
The bottom piece must be flipped after the brush strip slot is milled to allow milling of the magnet holes.
You have to drill and tap two holes into the acrylic as shown in the second picture.
The brush strips are too stiff to allow the Z axis to plunge correctly so you have to cut some of the bristles away. Use a putty knife to split the bristles in half lengthwise. Then use scissors to trim them off. You can leave the trimmed ones about 1" long because the collet takes up that much room anyway.

Brush strips: (I used the 2" and 3")
(Note that craft foam is a less expensive, easier to source alternative, discussion in: Dust Shoe for Proxxon Mount and Craft Foam Brushes for Dust Shoe)
1-1/4" Hose:


A .dxf is available at Re: DW660 Dust Shoes For Sale.

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