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Gcode Sender will take a G-code program and send it line-by-line to the Arduino. You can also execute individual commands to test your setup.

Gcode Sender for Windows by Otto Hermansson

G-code sender.jpg


Download from github. gcode sender by Otto Hermansson

Installation and configuration

Save the .EXE somewhere you'll be able to find it. I like to keep things nice and neat, so I saved it to c:\Program Files\G-code_sender\gcodesender.exe

N.B. - Requires Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0.5072 or later.

Using GcodeSender


  • Plug in your Arduino before launching GcodeSender or you'll get an error that GcodeSender can't find a com port.
  • Click 'Open' to establish a connection with the Arduino.


  • In the 'Command' box, type 'X20' to move the head 20mm in the x-axis.
  • GRBL expects the lines to end with \r\n. Other programs might expect \n\r.

Sending G-code

  • Click "Browse" to load your G-code.
  • Click "Print" to send the G-code