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(excerpted from http://www.makercam.com/tutorial.html)

  1. Browse to www.buildlog.net/gview/
  2. open a file browser (explorer or finder), find your newly created file (monogram_coaster.nc) and drag and drop it into gview.
  3. See that? Yeah, that's your coaster! If you hold the 's' key down on your keyboard and use your mousewheel, you can zoon in and out. Also, if you click and drag, you can rotate the model till your heart is content. Pretty amazing right!
  4. Does everything look right?
  5. The blue lines are 'rapids" that where your machine raised up above the work surface and moves quickly to another point. These moves are not intended to be cutting moves, they are simply getting the machine from one point to another, quickly
  6. The red lines are arcs. Those are moving in both the X and Y direction simultaneously
  7. The green dot is the origin. Pay attention to this and make sure your parts lower left corner is close to the dot. If it's not close to the dot, then go back into makerCAM, highlight everything, and move it closer to the origin (0,0). Then recalculate all, and re-export your file.