Image Engraving: The Gold Method

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A technique developed by Rodney Gold:

  1. Convert to 8 bit greyscale (Image | Mode | greyscale)
  2. Resize the image to the desired final size size at 150--300 ppi (Image | Image Size)
  3. Increase contrast and brightness ~25 ensuring that it is not median gray (Image | Adjustments | Brightness-Contrast)
  4. Unsharp mask at 500% w/ a radius of 3--5 pixels, Threshold 0 (this will exaggerate edges radically --- if need be, repeat at 150%, 1pixel and 0 threshold) (Filter | Sharpen | Unsharp mask)
  5. Convert to a bitmap using 125--150ppi using Diffusion pattern. (Image | Mode/bitmap)