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This is a basic tutorial on taking an image from Inkscape into Carbide Create.


Start with the file which you wish to work on open in Inkscape:

CC inkscape flag.png

Make certain that the paths are appropriate to the desired appearance for your project in Carbide Create

   View | Display Mode | Outline

There should be no overlapping paths, and it is best if there are no intersections.

Flag of Canada fixed.svg

The above SVG file may be downloaded from here if desired: Media:Flag_of_Canada_fixed.svg

If the file's appearance is as desired, then

   File | Save

as an SVG.

Carbide Create

Open Carbide Create, then open the SVG file using the Open button in the button bar at the top of the application:

Cc file open.png

Then select the object and choose the Scale tool icon to determine its size, and either scale it to the desired size, or set the size of the stock to match in Job Setup:

  • Stock Size
    • Width (X): 352.778
    • Height (Y): 176.389
  • Stock Thickness
    • (Z): --- set this to the thickness of the material which you intend to use
  • Toolpath Zero
    • Lower left --- this is a pop-up menu --- check it to ensure that a scroll wheel motion has not inadvertently changed it
  • Material --- set this pop-up menu to match the material which you wish to use
  • Machine --- this this pop-up menu to match the machine which you intend to use to cut out this project
    • Retract height --- set this to be high enough to safely clear any inconsistencies in the surface of the material, and any clamps which may intervene and/or be in the way
  • Units --- please set these as desired

If necessary, scroll down and click the "Ok" button after making all the desired settings:

CC job setup.png

Recreate any overlapping geometry which was deleted by the application on import, or make any adjustment to geometry which is necessary:

CC recreate geometry.png

Select each element of the project and assign appropriate paths to them:

CC toolpath.png

The options for paths are:

  • Contour
    • Pocket --- one may select two paths where one is nested within the other and leave the inner path uncarved as an island
    • Outside / Right --- useful for cutting a piece free and maintaining its size
    • Inside / Left --- useful for cutting a hole through a part
    • No Offset --- follow path, may be used for manual engraving cuts
  • V Carve --- one may select multiple paths, and pairs of paths if nested will leave the inner path as an uncarved island
CC toolpath preview.png