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The proposed next version initial announcement for discussion is here: Mark II

Shapeoko II

A summary of improvements include:

  • Stock 500mm MakerSlide rails
  • Stock open front/back sections to allow for longer material
  • dual drive by default
  • plate configuration to accommodate multiple wheel sizes/types
  • work envelope increased from ~200mm x ~200mm to ~450mm x ~450mm
  • X/Z-axis SIGNIFICANTLY more rigid (examination of the trade-offs on the flipped Z-axis)
  • GT2 belting
  • more elegant belt clamping solution, cleaner belt routing

Features which made it:

  • inverted belts
  • open end plates
  • reconsider MakerSlide lengths for most efficient usage of material
  • all metal spacers
  • double X standard
  • shorter bolts for V-Wheels w/o eccentric spacers --- check all bolt lengths
  • re-work standard carriage plate to be steel

Features which were obviated:

  • zip ties for belt anchors
  • all belts on the outside
  • drive shaft standard

Shapeoko Next Generation

Features for next time:

  • re-work belt routing / holes / plate sizes so that the X-carriage doesn't run into the idler wheels[1]
  • all metric hardware
  • reduce M5 washer count to below 100 to make kitting easier
  • add lock washers where appropriate
  • use motor w/ Acme screw shaft for Z-axis
  • Acme driven Z-axis
  • integrated work-holding (this is addressed by the Inventables: Waste Board with Threaded Inserts)