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A Smoothieware board, it is available at:



  • connect the wires per the wiring diagram
  • set the jumpers to match the (desired?) microstepping setup for your motors
  • tweak the configuration files
    • Steps per mm
    • Set current to match the Amperage rating of your motors --- double for dual-drive axes (but max is 2A)
    • enable options for accessories such as panels

The Shapeoko 3 motors have low enough impedance that they can be wired in series, without too much of a loss of performance (they won't reach the same maximum speed). Then, the 2 A of the Azteeg X5 should give you decent torque on the Y axis.[1]

When selecting firmware in a host program of slicer, Smoothieware is compatible w/ Marlin commands, so choose that if no explicit option.[2]


The board can have either screw terminals or plug-in vertical headers which use Molex KK 2695 series connectors.[3]

LCD Panel

The Viki 2 Graphic LCD should work: http://www.panucatt.com/product_p/vikilcd2.htm

Wiring diagram: https://s3.amazonaws.com/cdn.freshdesk.com/data/helpdesk/attachments/production/1039374924/original/Viki2_Wiring%20v1.1.pdf

Should work w/ Azteeg X5 mini v1.1 or later: http://eclips3d.proboards.com/thread/24/added-viki-lcd-azteeg-mini





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