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Upgrade Name: Spindle Mount

Description: More elegant solution for mounting a dremel to the z-axis MakerSlide rail.

Status: TESTED (recommended)

Materials: UHMW or HDPE (other materials may work but have not been tested) at least 8mm thick. Thicker is better (5mm holes will be drilled through the side of the bracket).


Although the standard "spindle mount" that comes with the shapeoko builder's kit functions as expected, I think we can all agree that it's ugly. It's also difficult to adjust and did I mention it's ugly?

Here is an improvement to the standard mount which you can cut on your own shapeoko.

simple spindle mount

working example

Secondary Ops

The drawback to this type of design is that one still needs to do a secondary operation (drill) in order to complete the part.

  • Drill two holes through the back of the mount in order to mount the pieces to your makerslide.
  • Drill single hole through the front (horizontally) in order to tighten the clamp around the dremel.

Drill hole to tighten clamp.jpg

Clamp the spindle mount vertically in the drill press to align the holes perfectly.


Download the required files here. File Contains:

  • PDF
  • DXF
  • gcode - There are two different brackets (different diameters). The two brackets are identified as (Profile 1) and (Profile 2) in this one file.
  • step files

Successful Implementations

Notes on possible alternatives

The collet thread is 9/32" x 40tpi.

The plastic housing thread at the nose is 3/4" x 12 UNS (unified national special?) (19 x 2.00 mm is reported to work as well[1] page on making a tap[2]).