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Upgrade Name: Teeter Scissors

Created by: User:BobT

Description: Simple scissors to keep cables away from the wheels.

Status: Fully functional

Materials: 1/16" x 1/2" aluminum flat stock

Cost: $4.00 for Aluminum flat bar and about $2.00 for screws, nuts, washers and zip ties


Discussion in the forum

basic wire management solution

And here is a picture of the physical implementation of the design.

basic machine solution

Step 1

And now for the detail from one end to the other.

Each cable is zip tied about every 2 inches on the each cable before attaching to the scissors assemblies. Also each section of the control arm is about 7-8 inches long.

This is the starting point of the scissors as this is where the x-axis and z-axis cables connect.

starting end of scissors on x-axis/z-axis trolley

Notice that the scissor is connected to the extra hole on the stepper motor plate that is to the left and above the stepper motor.

I also used zip ties on the parts of the wiring to keep it grouped together. No more than 2 inches between the zip ties to control the wiring.

Step 2

The middle of the cable control arm is a joint that has the ends of the flat aluminum stock trimed and filed smooth.

middle joint of control arm

The joint has a bolt with washers between the bolt head, between the flat stock and the nut on the other side.

Notice that the cables are tie wrapped to the flat stock but that each cable has zip ties already on it to control each cable separately. You will need from 2 to 3 zip ties to hold the cables to the arm on each side of the arm joint. Also be careful with the cable around the joint so that they do not pinch in the joint and short out (ZAP).

Step 3

The fixed end of the control arm where it attaches to the y-axis trolley and the tension arm cable attachment point.

fix end of control arm on x-axis

Notice that the arm is connected to a piece of 90 degree angle. Which is connected to the 2 90 degree angle bars used to clamp the movement belts in place.

alternate shot of fix end of arm

Step 4

Here is a picture of the movable end of the y-axis control arm. The arm controls all the cables from the terminal barrier connector. Also notice that the bolt connection is on the extra hole to the left and above the stepper motor.

movable end of y-axis control arm

Please excuse all the extra stepper cable being bunched up but I intend to expand my ShapeOko and wanted to retain as much cable length as possible.

Step 5

This is the flex joint of the y-axis control arm. The cables are zip tied to the control arm in 2 place on each side.

flex joint of y-axis control arm

Step 6

This is the fixed end of the u-axis control arm. Notice how the 90 degree connector is connected to the clamp for the movement belt on the y-axis.

fixed end of y-axis control arm
alternate pic of fixed end

Step 7 and end

Here is a picture of the y-axis side of the ShapeOko with all the wiring mess.

y-axis photo