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Hello, I'm John. Information Technologies Manager, Professional Photographer and Historic Photo Process Photographer and instructor. I bought the ShapeOko because I wanted to build cameras and supplies that haven't existed since the mid 1800's, improve on the design and build replacement parts for cameras in my collection.

My ShapeOko arrived January 25th. It was quickly upgraded from the full kit router tool to the DeWalt 660. Then Dual-Y steppers. Then a USB Camera Boroscope. Then expanded to take 24"x48" material with the actual cutting area smaller of course. That brought the Double-X makerslide. Then came flexing issues made worse by me being unfamiliar with CamBam and then frustration.

Thanks to the forum I'm mostly straightened out. I fear that the Double-X makerslide needs to go. It flexes too much. The plastic spacers were tossed and metal ones installed. Still helps, but I'm still missing microsteps around curves. My cuts are not perfect in any way, but they're certainly good enough for government work they say.. And actually good enough for camera building.

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