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Hi, My name is Kevin Strain. I am a retired nuclear plant technician. Prior to retiring, I purchased a Shapeoko and a Hadron Ordbot with the express interest in learning about robotics. I purchased the mechanical kit for a Shapeoko 1 and built it using Nema 17 steppers, a Gecko G540 controller, repaired an older laptop in 2012 and went from there. My buildlog for my first iteration is here:

Another Red Shapeoko


After using it awhile, I decided to do some upgrades and began purchasing parts. Pretty much missed out on the endplates and motor plates until inventables started shipping. While waiting for parts I decided to put my 2 year old Ordbot together in Sept. 2013. It added the ability to create custom parts for my build. The end result is here:

Mudshark’s #0054 upgrade


I had built a rotary device to work on my fishing rod hobby and the thread is here:

Rotary Device

I also built a laser to cut material:

Rotary Device

Another project I built was a dust shoe and the link is here:

Dust shoe for Proxxon mount


I got most of my ideas from others on this forum and hope that someone gets a chance to use some of mine.