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This upgrade has been tested on the Shapeoko 1 for which it was designed. With the original configuration the X axis has an effective cutting length of around 200 mm. This upgrade expands that length around 20mm on each side to a total of 240 mm which is almost the maximum usable length considering all the hardware on the axes (screws, idler wheels, etc).

Both parts can be cut with the machine on 3mm MDF.

Assembled and mounted

Parts to be replaced

- MSK01-01

- SM-S01

Replacement parts

- Part1.dxf replaces MSK01-01 carriage plate

- Part2.dxf replaces the SM-S01 mount plate



In Part1.dxf special attention should be put to the red circles as some machines should use 6mm holes in those places instead of the 5mm holes shown on the file.

The files have several layers. The white one shows the actual outline of the pieces and holes, in case you have them laser cutted, use that layer after making the adjustments mentioned above. The green layer was used on my Shapeoko to cut the pieces out of 3mm MDF using a 1mm routing bit. That produced smaller holes that could easily be adjusted using a 5mm bit for wood and some creativity. Your machine can have a different runout on the spindle so don't trust those lines will work on all cases.