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(Here's what we want you to do.)
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See how that works? It's full circle!
See how that works? It's full circle!
'''Source(s):'''  [http://www.downloadranking.com  Assembly]
==Open Source Desktop Publishing==
==Open Source Desktop Publishing==

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Intro / Overview

(click the picture to download the PDF file)

Wikis are great! However, sometimes it's not convenient or logistically possible to have a computer where you are doing a major mechanical assembly. In an attempt to help everyone out, we're providing a basic set of build instructions in PDF format. You can download that document here.

Wikis are great because they let us share our knowledge with each other, so we're going to attempt a 'hybrid' model of physical / wiki documentation.

Here's what we want you to do.

  1. Download the build instructions show above. Print them out if you wish. (but please recycle when you're done.)
  2. Use the physical document to help guide you through the assembly.
  3. As you come across questions or problems do two things:
    1. Check the wiki for your answer. There is a link on the left side of the page that corresponds to each step in the process.
    2. If you can't find your answer on the wiki, ask it in the forum (we've very responsive!)
    3. After you have found the answer you're looking for, add it to the wiki!

See how that works? It's full circle!

Source(s): Assembly

Open Source Desktop Publishing

Also, if you're into technical writing, I've created the PDF document in scribus v1.4.1 and the original source is available on github under the project's repository.

After we've collected enough 'updates' via the wiki, we'll roll them back into the released PDF document. Because scribus is open source software, and cross platform compatible, everyone should be able to help out if that's their cup of tea.


As with the rest of the pages on the wiki, please feel free to edit this one!

For the Inventables kit batches 2 and 3, please take note that the panels are different than pictured. The batch 1 panels were painted red, which interfered with hole sizes. Batches 2 and 3 have brushed stainless steel panels.


The panels have a protective film on one side that can be peeled off, and any residue left behind comes off easily with goo-gone or rubbing alcohol. Also note that there are small nubs on the surface from the plates left over from laser cutting. They can be removed, but will not interfere with assembly or use.

Bill of Materials

Sortable table
Item Est. Cost Part Num. Qty Vendor Stock Num. Title Link
1 $3.38 MKS01-02 3 buildlog.net B17002-375 Makerslide Extrusion - 375mm store.makerslide.com
6 $2.00 MSK01-04 8 buildlog.net B18001-001 Eccentric Nut
9 $15.00 SM-E01 3 buildlog.net B10-10001 Nema17 Stepper Motor
15 $8.00 MSK01-01 1 buildlog.net C14005 Standard Carriage Plate
28 $2.00 MSK01-03 1 buildlog.net B17022-200 Makerslide Extrusion - 200mm
34 MSK01-05 16 buildlog.net V Wheel
35 MSK01-07 40 buildlog.net BEARING_5_16_5 5mm x 16mm x 5mm bearing
36 MSK01-08 20 buildlog.net B18026 Precision Washer (1mm thick)
37 $2.00 MSK01-06 4 buildlog.net B17023 Smooth Idler Drum
26 $5.58 SM-H12 1 Ebay ebay Coupler
3 $0.02 SM-H04 20 McMasterCarr 90592A012 M5 Hex Nut
5 $0.09 SM-H08 16 McMasterCarr 91290A254 M5 x 30mm SHCS
7 $0.02 SM-H03 100 McMasterCarr SM-H03 M5 Flat Washer
10 $0.07 SM-H01 6 McMasterCarr RSN-10_04-M "1/4"" Nylon Spacer"
12 $0.04 SM-H14 8 McMasterCarr 91290A113 M3 x 8mm SHCS
13 $0.02 SM-H15 8 McMasterCarr 91166A210 M3 Flat Washer
14 $0.06 SM-H07 20 McMasterCarr SM-H07 M5 x 10mm SHCS
17 $0.22 SM-H09 8 McMasterCarr 91290A264 M5 x 55mm SHCS
18 $0.09 SM-H02 18 McMasterCarr 94639A457 "3/4"" Nylon Spacer"
20 $0.27 SM-M05 2 McMasterCarr 1394A31 Belt Anchor
23 $0.16 SM-H13 2 McMasterCarr 91290A232 M5 x 16mm SHCS
24 $1.00 SM-M07 1 McMasterCarr skate_bearing Z-Axis Bearing
25 $0.05 SM-H10 2 McMasterCarr 90695A040 M8 Jam Nut
27 $1.00 SM-H05 1 McMasterCarr 99055A125 Threaded Rod
29 $0.20 SM-H06 3 McMasterCarr 91290A137 M3 x 50mm SHCS
21 $0.16 SM-H11 6 Misumi HNKK5 Insertion Nut
8 $5.90 MSK01-09 2 SDP-SI A 6T16M018DF6005 18 Tooth Timing Pulley sdp-si
2 $5.00 SM-S01 3 Shapeoko SM-S01 Mounting Plate
16 $2.50 SM-M08 1 Shapeoko SM-M08 Delrin lead nut.
19 $5.00 SM-S02 2 Shapeoko SM-S02 Front/Back Plate
22 $5.00 SM-S06 1 ShapeOko SM-S06 Z-Axis Mount Plate
30 $5.00 SM-TM1 2 Shapeoko SM-TM1 Spindle Mount
32 $2.00 SM-TM2 2 Shapeoko SM-TM2 Spindle Strap
31 $15.00 SM-TM3 1 various Multi-tool Rotary Tool
33 MDF_Base 1 various SM-SWB 400mm x 450mm MDF


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