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Wheel Assemblies

When assembling the wheels, remember to place the precision washers (1mm thick) between the bearings. The precision washers are exactly 1mm thick and provide a surface for the races to contact, keeping everything tight.


V-Wheel Assembly:

  • Insert a bearing into one side. These are force fit tolerances so you might have to push hard.
  • Press the bearing until it's seated against the inside lip of the v-wheel.
  • Slide an M5 bolt through the bearing (outside in) - you'll use this to align the precision washer and the other bearing.
  • Slide the precision washer over the bolt and let it slide all the way down until it is touching the bearing you just inserted
  • Slide the other bearing over the bolt and let it slide down until it hits the rim of the v-wheel.
  • Press the second bearing into the v-wheel just as you did the first
  • When the assembly is complete, you can remove the M5 bolt

Note: do not forget the precision washer!

Bill of Materials

1 1 MSK01-05 V Wheel
2 2 MSK01-07 5mm x 16mm x 5mm bearing
3 1 MSK01-08 Precision Washer (1mm thick)

User Submitted Notes

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