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(click the picture to download the PDF file)

Bill of Material

Sortable table
Item Qty. Part Num. Title
1 1 IEK-17 Spindle
2 2 Spindle Retainer Mount Spindle Retainer Mount (see above diagram)
3 4 SM-H07 M5 x 10mm SHCS
4 8 SM-H03 M5 Flat Washer
5 4 SM-H09 M5 x 55mm SHCS
6 4 SM-H11 Insertion Nuts
7 2 Spindle Retainer Strap Spindle Retainer Strap (see above diagram)
8 8 SM-H02 3/4" Spacer

User Submitted Notes

(This is the section to add your own notes pertaining to this sub-assembly) If you run into a problem or find yourself asking a question, please post the solution here to help the next person who has the same problem/question)

Required parts
Step10 1.png
Step10 2.png
Step10 4.png
Step10 5.png

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