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|V Wheel Assembly
|V Wheel Assembly
|(from [[Assembly step 1]]
|(from [[Assembly step 1]])
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|Smooth Idler Assembly
|Smooth Idler Assembly
|(from [[Assembly step 2]]
|(from [[Assembly step 2]])

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(click the picture to download the PDF file)

Please note: The image above is wrong. It shows V-wheel, washer, washer, nut and washer, washer, spacer, washer Idler Wheel. Please view the PDF for the actual orientation. Additionally, it is not clear from this picture that an M3 washer should be used between the M3x8mm bolts and mounting plate to mount the motor.


Y-Axis Motor Mount Plate

(This is the other side of the gantry. Pay attention to the hole orientation at the top of the plate.)

Before tightening your motor onto the plate, please watch this video. (If using an older kit.)

Take note of a couple of things:

  • These holes need to be on the left (opposite of the previous sub-assembly). The image shows the correct orientation.
  • Each Bolt that goes through the plate gets a washer on BOTH sides.
  • The smooth idlers get a total of 4 washers per bolt.
    • One on the backside of the plate
    • One on the front side of the plate
    • One on the end of the 1/4" spacer
    • One between the idler and the nut that keeps it all together.
  • The image above is WRONG. For the lower V wheels with the eccentric nut, it shows, starting from the back: Bolt, washer, eccentric nut, plate, V-wheel, washer, washer, then nut. If you click on the PDF you see the correct method: Bolt, washer, eccentric nut, plate, WASHER, V-wheel, WASHER, nut.

Bill of Materials

Sortable table
Item Qty. Part Num. Title Notes
1 1 MSK01-09 5mm Pulley
2 1 SM-S01 Mounting Plate
3 6 SM-H04 M5 Hex Nut
4 2 SM-H01 1/4" Nylon Spacer
6 6 SM-H08 M5 x 30mm SHCS For the top two wheels on the mounting plate, you can substitute shorter screws (down to M5 x 22mm) if you have them.
7 2 MSK01-04 Eccentric Spacer
9 20 SM-H03 M5 Flat Washer
10 4 SM-H14 M3 x 6mm SHCS
11 4 SM-H15 M3 Flat Washer
12 1 SM-E01 Nema17 Stepper Motor
13 4 MSK01-05A V Wheel Assembly (from Assembly step 1)
16 2 MSK01-06A Smooth Idler Assembly (from Assembly step 2)

User Submitted Notes

(This is the section to add your own notes pertaining to this sub-assembly) If you run into a problem or find yourself asking a question, please post the solution here to help the next person who has the same problem/question)

Grinding out the holes 2 July 2012, Chris Lee I had to grind out most of the holes to get the screws to fit, especially the motor mount M3 screws. I have the Inventables kit from May 2012 where the plates are painted red.

Beware of overtightening the motor mount M3 screws. They bite quite well into the motor, and it isn't difficult to ruin the thread by applying too much force.

Remember to mount both the idlers in the up position, as described in step 02. See media:Mounting_idlers.jpeg

On v1.4 hardware I have, the motor mounting hole is enlarged to accommodate the stepper motor, so you do not need to add those washers in the back. However, because of that the motor shaft is extended further. I have to file a section of motor shaft flat for the set screw on the pulley. This is so that the pulley lines up with the smooth idler wheels.

The blue line on top of the motor should be between the motor and the plate.

Inventables build images

Required parts
Motor mount bolts and washers
Bolts and washers before wheel mounting
V-wheels mounted, spacers and washers mounted for idlers
Idlers mounted
Additional washers for motor mount

Note: plate is incorrect in this image, reference other images for plate orientation

Motor mount detail with washers
Completed y-axis motor

With later kits (version 4, onwards?), you don't need to insert the double washers (as per the video) between the motor and plate as the hole in the plate has now been cut wide enough to accept the 22mm boss of the Nema motor.

When inserting spacers between motor and plate (if needed), an alternative technique to keep the bolts in place is to tape them down with masking tape.

M3 motor bolts and spacers on the front side of the plate.
M3 bolts and spacers taped down
Plate flipped over, tape is holding bolts in place.
M5 spacers dropped onto bolts, ready to accept the motor and now with appropriate spacing.

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