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[[File:Step5_7.png|none|400px|thumb|Completed x-axis motor]]
[[File:Step5_7.png|none|400px|thumb|Completed x-axis motor]]
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(click the picture to download the PDF file)


X-Axis Motor Mount Plate

Before tightening the nema17 motor onto the plate, please watch this video.

This is more of a pre-assembly than a fully contained sub-assembly. You're going to assemble this as shown in the drawing.

Make note of a couple of things:

  • The hole orientation at the top of the plate doesn't matter. I have mine to the left, but they can be to the right (as shown).
  • The bottom set of bolts are the long M5 bolts (55mm)
  • When you tighten the motor into place, do so in an X pattern. You want the face of the motor to be equally pressing against the plate.
  • Don't tighten down the v-wheel bolts. Just loosely thread on the nuts to keep everything together.
  • When you are done with the assembly, set it aside, you'll be bolting this to the next assembly build.

Bill of Materials

Sortable table
Item Qty. Part Num. Title
1 6 SM-H04 M5 Hex Nut
2 2 SM-H01 1/4" Nylon Spacer
3 2 MSK01-04 Eccentric Nut
4 2 SM-H08 M5 x 30mm SHCS
5 1 SM-S01 Mounting Plate
6 2 MSK01-06A Smooth Idler Assembly
7 1 MSK01-09 18 Tooth Timing Pulley
8 4 MSK01-05A v-wheel assembly
9 1 SM-E01 Nema17 Stepper Motor
10 28 SM-H03 M5 Flat Washer
11 4 SM-H14 M3 x 8mm SHCS
12 4 SM-H15 M3 Flat Washer
13 4 SM-H09 M5 x 55mm SHCS
14 4 SM-H02 3/4" Nylon Spacer

User Submitted Notes

(This is the section to add your own notes pertaining to this sub-assembly) If you run into a problem or find yourself asking a question, please post the solution here to help the next person who has the same problem/question)

Inventables build images

(It should be noted that the pictures below have the base plate mirrored as compared to the "official" building plans)

Required parts
Motor mount bolts and washers
Motor mount side of plate showing bolt/washer detail
Bolt, washer, spacer placement
V-wheels and idlers
Washer and spacer detail
Extra washers for motor mount
Completed x-axis motor

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