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Sometimes there are issues with assembling your ShapeOko whether it be something that got overlooked or maybe it is something that is a common issue that people need help on ether way this is the place to go. If you don't see your issue then go to the forums and ask you question there.






If your motors spin the wrong direction, you can reverse the connections. Note that it is very important to disconnect the power to the motor drivers before doing this, as having the driver powered up while there is no motor connected can damage or destroy the driver.

Power Supply


Delrin nut too wide


Created by: User:JCPhlux

Assembly Issue: Delrin nut too wide

Assembly Step Reference: Assembly step 6 Assembly step 13

Parts: SM-M08 Delrin lead nut

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When mounting your Delrin lead nut it should have a gap on both side so that it can move freely in the channel between the v rails of the z axis Makerslide.

Some of the Delrin lead nuts were cut at 40mm exactly which is the width of Makerslide channel and this will cause binding between the lead nut and Makerslide.

Below is an example of what it should look like.

Delrin nut spacing.png


To correct this issue you can either cut, grind, or sand the lead nut.

Do not worry if it does not look perfect as all that matters is that it can move freely in the channel between the v rails of the z axis Makerslide. The important measure is the distance between the mount holes and the hole for the lead screw, the outside dimensions do not matter as long as they fit into the channel of the Makerslide rail.

Motor Misalignment

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Assembly Issue: Z-axis binds when running

Assembly Step Reference: Assembly step 15

Parts: SM-ZA02

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