Carbide Create: A Simple CNC Box

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For this tutorial we will use:

  • Width: 9.5"
  • Depth: 3.5"
  • Height 7.375"
  • Thickness(s): 5 thick wood. 0.0625" thick plexiglass and 0.125" plywood
  • Inset: 0.125" from front and back edges and .25 deep

It is also necessary to determine the orientation of the box --- this particular case is envisioned as standing up, or hanging on a wall, more as a shadow box.

Launch Carbide Create and choose a stock size with reasonable proportions for your monitor and which is comfortably larger than all the parts involved:

CC asimplebox jobsetup.png

It is probably also helpful to go into Document Background | Edit and set the grid spacing to and integral value of the box dimensions --- 0.125" should be fine enough:

CC asimplebox jobsetup background grid.png

  • Ok
  • Ok