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There are a number of different designs for dust shoes. It's surprising how little is needed for effective dust collection --- some of the designs are simply a folded piece of transparency film (or a cut-off from a soda bottle), a threaded part to hold it in place, a vacuum wand or extension zip-tied to the universal spindle mount and possibly a pierced retaining piece to hold the film to the end of the vacuum.

Far more elaborate is Improbable Construct's Dewalt DW660 Dust Shoe which has removable skirt pieces allowing for it to be adapted to various length end mills. One example of it in use is in the forum discussion: Cutting foam for dust Shoe.

A number of the spindle mounts include dust shoe functionality, many of them inspired by and using similar features to the skirts held in place by rare earth magnets in the Dewalt DW660 Dust Shoe.

Many are also listed on the Spindle Options page.

Dust Shoes


  • Media:Shapeoko3_Spindle_Mount_Dustshoe.svg --- universal design for the SO3 spindle mount which may be used for other spindle mounts and will accommodate either a DWP611 (untested --- spindle mount holes and other spacings may need to be adjusted) and a Makita RT0701. Requires 4 coupler nuts, 8 matching screws of suitable lengths (#10-24 works well and is easily and affordably sourced), 4 magnets (suggest using at least two which may be fastened in place using screws), 2 or 4 small screws and matching nuts (M3 works well), washers to use as spacers


DWP611: http://improbableconstruct.com/collections/dust-shoes/products/dust-shoe-diverter-for-dw611


Craft foam, transparent plastic and bristles are the typical choices.


Dust collection

Typically a dust shoe is simply connected to a vacuum, but some people opt for more elaborate systems:

Forum Discussions





Winston Moy: dust separator using an S3[7]

Thingiverse: Customizable Cyclone Separator[8]


Thingiverse: Cyclone dust collector for 5 gallon bucket --- elegant design to cut out of MDF




Static electricity concerns

http://www.waterfront-woods.com/Articles/Electricity/static.htm [9]



Thingiverse: Super Strong Flex Hose Piece

http://www.rockler.com/dust-right-2-1-2-expandable-shop-vacuum-hose-kit [10]