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MakerSlide, like ShapeOko is a project that started on KickStarter. Extrusion profiles and other CAD data are available at

MakerSlide is a really cool system consisting of:

  • 20x40mm aluminum extrusion profile with a built in v rail
  • Delrin "V" wheels that ride on the v rail
  • Plates and hardware to put it together

Where To Purchase

MakerSlide is potentially available for preorder from Inventables or from the MakerSlide Store. Accessories for the MakerSlide system are available for purchase either from Inventables or from the MakerSlide store.

MakerSlide Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks that might help using MakerSlide on your ShapeOko.

Mount plate two holes.JPG

Notice that the plates have two different sized holes. On the left is a 5mm hole that perfectly fits a 5mm bolt. The hole on the right is 7.12mm. An eccentric spacer goes in this hole, and a 5mm bolt goes through the eccentric spacer.

Eccentric spacer with sharpie.JPG

Eccentric spacers have an off-center hole in them. Turning the spacer will allow you to adjust the distance between the wheels up to 1.2mm.

TIP: Use a Sharpie marker to color the side of the spacer on the face closest to hole. This will allow you to see the orientation of the spacer after inserting a bolt and attaching the wheel.

Mount plate with eccentric spacer.JPG

When you insert the eccentric spacer in the hole, orient it so the marked side of the spacer is pointing away from the other hole.

Mount plate with eccentric spacer two holes.JPG

With the eccentric spacer oriented with the marked side away, the wheels will be as far apart as possible. This will make it easy to slide the v-wheels over the v rail extrusion.

Mount plate on extrusion.JPG

With the mount plate on the v rail extrusion, use a 5/16" wrench to turn the eccentric spacer to snug the wheels to the v-rail.