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From the Netduino page here "Netduino is an open source electronics platform using the .NET Micro Framework. Featuring a 32-bit microcontroller and a rich development environment. Suitable for engineers and hobbyists alike." It has the same form factor as Arduino and most of the Arduino shields are compatable.


Development For CNC

Experimentation and development has started Forum Topic with the main pioneers being John Cutburth and Darrin from .




The main circuitry was developed from Dr Rob's Stripboard stepper driver carrier board. John Cutburth has created a great circuit layout diagram for using a breadboard.

John's Circuit Diagram.jpg

Parts List

Item Qty Notes Source
Netduino 1 Buy

Power Supply

Stepper Drivers


Currently the only software available is some developed by Darrin over at This is the current version of his software Download. Also available at github, (that is being maintained by John Cutburth). --- cncBuddyCAM: Netduino+2 controller includes: CncBuddyUI: Windows G-Code parser/interpreting master control program.


Load the dazcam app into visual studio and build it into the netduino. Assuming you are using the same pins, you shouldn't have to change anything. You can verify your pin configuration in the top lines of code in the program.cs class. The important ones are the stepper driver pins (direction, step, ms0, ms1 and enable). Next, fire up the dazcamui solution in visual studio and run it. Go to settings (under the machine menu) and enter the ip address for your netduino, and close the window. At this point, turn on the netduino and wait for it to boot. Then turn on your 12v power source for the motors. Then ping the netduino (again from the machine menu) to make sure they are communicating. If that works, clear e-stop and start to issue movement commands with the controls in the ui.

Thanks to Darrin for this.