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|[http://www.dxf-downloads.de/ DXF-Downloads.de (German)]||
|[http://www.dxf-downloads.de/ DXF-Downloads.de (German)]||
Site collecting free DXFs.
|[http://www.hackmelbourne.org/wiki/index.php/Project/CNCMilling CNC milling guide from Melbourne hackerspace]||
Site collecting free DXFs.
Site collecting free DXFs.

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We have forums set up here.

Most questions should be posted here. Hopefully the answers to your question will help someone in the future.

Google Group

Initially, a ShapeOko Google group was used for discussion. it has now been archived in favor of the forums.

Google group.jpg

Web Sites

Buildlog site logo.gif


Build logs are the open source equivalent of the research notebook. You basically document the progress of a project, but it can be so much more. You can collaborate with others, get feedback, have people review your work. Often feedback can save you from mistakes already made by others.

The site and forum are run by Barton Dring, whom we can thank for MakerSlide.


Nice info on installing GRBL


End Mill Speed & Feed Calculator

Search for ShapeOko on Thingiverse

There's a wide variety of contributed files for upgrades, components and convenience items available.

CNC Mentor

Blog site with a variety of articles under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

DXF-Downloads.de (German)

Site collecting free DXFs.

CNC milling guide from Melbourne hackerspace

Site collecting free DXFs.


GitHub is an opensource development collaboration site which is used to house the source files for the ShapeOko project.

Inventor's Links

YouTube Channel

Edward's channel on YouTube

Other ShapeOko YouTube videos.

Edward's Blog



Follow ShapeOko on Twitter