Open End Plates

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These were designed to allow one to:

  • expand a unit along the X-axis
  • open up the machine for easier access and work-holding
  • increase range of movement along the Y-axis
  • allow vertical adjustment of Makerslide

Initial announcement in the forum post New X-axis plates, further discussion in Upgrade Parts!.

Detailed PDF and DXF file along with a STEP file for all of you 3D modelers:

Forum discussion showing the eShapeoko implementation: New new end plates, which includes a note on their being 4mm stainless steel[1].

Forum post for manufacturing w/ only a drill: Re: Upgrade Parts!

The new end plates are currently available:

An interesting idea would be to match the open end plates to the size of the standard carriage plates and add the holes from the latter --- this would reduce the parts count, and afford economies of scale, hopefully lowering the price and would improve the machine's rigidity (switching the carriage plate to steel from aluminum).