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Type Name/Link Description
Verify (opensource) OpenSCAM OpenSCAM is an Open-Source software which can simulate 3-axis NC machining. It is a fast, flexible and user friendly simulation software for the DIY and Open-Source community.
Preview (opensource) pygcodeviewer Python based simple G code viewer.
Verify (opensource) Pleasant3D Mac OS X 10.6 or later previewer for STL and G-Code files.
Verify (opensource) Repetier-Host Intended for 3D printers, some users have found it useful as a previewer.
Verify CNC Simulator Windows program to simulate and test G-code before sending to the machine. Requires fairly recent version of
Verify CNC Viewer Fast gcode parsing using Regular Expressions, Multiple viewports, Dynamic View manipulation, Selection, Tool number filter, Printing.
Verify / Edit (Free) NC Corrector Verify tool path and view and edit G-code. A bit sluggish on older machines.
Previewer Online GCode Viewer Source at gCodeVisualizer.
Previewer (online HTML5) SnapFracturePop’s Laser GCode converter Announced in GCode preview.
Previewer (online WebGL) gview Requires newest Chrome or FireFox.
Optimize PCB G-code Optimizer Optimizes G-code for milling PCB. Maybe can be used also for optimizing other G-codes.
Previewer (opensource) Universal Gcode Sender Cross platform gcode viewer, preprocessor and sender.

Note: There is also the G-code utility grecode, an opensource command line utility to shift, rotate, mirror and align gcode. See also JavaScript GCode Rotator V0.1b, G-Code Scaling Tool and the incomplete JavaScript G-Code Translate, Scale, and Rotate. See also i-Logic's page of utilities including: Shift, Rotate NC Code, NC to CAD, Cone Calculator and Rotation Calculator.

Just announced is a MakerCam and Inkscape Post-Processor utility, GCodePostProcessor (currently only compiled for Ubuntu 13.04 x64 which will:

  • Remove all comments inside (And including) brackets
  • Remove all spaces (but leaves line returns)
  • Reduce all numbers down to 4 decimal places

There is also a syntax-highlighting mode for NotePad++ which understands G-Code:

Alternately, the free editor cncCoder --- Free CNC Editor with syntax highlighting.