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(edit bom at top of page) (pictures for instructions located on flickr photostream.)

Unpack electronics layout and identify

  • stepper cable (3)
  • 12 position screw down terminal
  • Red Jumper wire
  • Estop
  • Acrylic Stand (translucent red, your color may vary)
  • Power Supply
  • Power supply pigtail
  • arduino
  • grblshield
  • stepper motors (3)
  • minifit 6 pin adaptor.

Tools needed (screwdriver)

Start by stripping the ends off all the wires?

Dry Run: Electronics

  1. Attach arduino to computer, does green light turn on?
  2. Test for general functionality
    • open gcode sender
    • select appropriate com port
    • Click open
    • send '$' command
    • does the unit return your current settings?
      • If Yes, continue to step 2
      • if no, click here (arduino grbl troubleshooting section)
  1. Attach grblShield to arduino
    • align pins
    • press together
  1. Attach Motors to grblshield
    • black, green, red, blue (from left to right)
    • repeat for X,Y,Z (make certain all 3 axis have a motor connected before applying power to the shield. Otherwise, damage to your drivers may occur)
  2. Attach Power to grblshield
      • strip back pigtail adapter 8"-10"
      • attach pigtail adapter's gnd (black) to grblshield (note polarity on connector: GND is left from front view)
      • strip wire leads on included red wire
      • attach one end of stripped cable to estop (red side)
      • attach other end of stripped cable to grblshield (note polarity on connector: VMOT is on right from front view)
      • Attach power supply VMOT (red) to estop (again, use the red side)
    • Double check your connections
      • is everything connected?
      • do the colors match the wiki page?
    • attach pigtail adapter to power supply end
    • Plug the power adapter into the power supply
    • Plug mains cable into socket
    • Does the blue light come on?
  1. Continue to Mechanical Assembly