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Upgrade Name: Cable Management (Scissors)

Description: Provide method to get your stepper cable and power cables out of the way of the machine.


Materials: TBD

Last night my machine jammed up because one of the wires, which has a zip tie around it, got caught on the edge of the gantry. It was at just the right angle the edge of ziptie caught the lip and stopped the X travel dead in it's tracks... I started thinking about a way to get the wires out of the way without having to resort to the traditional cable tray. In my experience they're expensive.

I came up with this simple plexiglass (or acrylic any material really) linkage.

basic wire management solution

Next Step: At this point certain details need to be worked out, but in theory this design seems to be very promising. Next step is to actually cut the parts and mount them to a machine, get feedback and make appropriate changes. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Disclaimer: For the last 5-7 years DIY CNC has been my hobby. As such, I have looked at A LOT of websites relating to DIY CNC. Because of that fact I can't definitively believe that I've actually come up with any original ideas. My guess is that I've probably seen this somewhere before and had just forgotten the specifics. After drawing up the parts I decided to google the idea. This was the 3rd or 4th result: http://projectcnc.wordpress.com/cable-management/ so clearly, this is not exclusively our original idea :-)

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