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== Wiki ==
== Wiki ==
*Research from openbuilds:
** Netfabb basic
** Routy Router 3D Model for Blender 2.66
** mach1filter: http://hobbymaro.puhasoft.hu/Tweakie/Mach1Filter.exe
** http://www.mindplus.cc/
* review plastics magazine linked from the acrylics page
* review plastics magazine linked from the acrylics page

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  • review plastics magazine linked from the acrylics page
  • re-arrange / organize tutorials for CAD programs
  • need 3D CAD tutorial for http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Basic_workflow_3D --- potential 3D tutorial here: http://buildandcrash.blogspot.com/2014/02/shapeoko-assembly-and-testing.html
    • need to create tutorials for all opensource CAD/CAM applications, ideally in discrete units, so that one could pair a design tutorial for a CAD app, w/ a post-processing tutorial for a compatible CAM app
    • Need a page on HeeksCNC (linked to from Workflow)
    • Need a page on OpenSCAM (linked to from Workflow)
  • add individual pages for major components --- thus far we have:
  • Need to work up a better Z-axis upgrade overview page
    • Find all the solutions for increasing Z-axis travel and put them down somewhere
  • We need more Feeds and Speeds values for the Materials page
    • The data we have should be broken out into tables, and I think that the overview table at the top should be limited to the settings for a stock Shapeoko 2
  • Parts page
    • Break down SVG diagrams from docs.shapeoko.com and make individual images for each part (in lieu of, or in addition to photos?)
    • Find CAD data / links for everything on the parts page which does not yet have it.
      • Add links to the eShapeoko parts

Done --- Review?

  • Someone who understands Climb vs. Conventional Milling should review the table here: Climb_vs._Conventional_Milling and the balance of the page
  • re-organize hello world and using machine--- I think these are okay now, would someone please look things over?
  • re-work Grbl pages ---Done? --- the big remaining thing to do is to update the table w/ a column for supported by G-code interpreter version and at least fill in Grbl

Assembly Instructions

  • Change CSS so Code blocks use monospaced font.
  • Finish SVG diagrams and interactivity --- this is done save for two diagrams which can't be done properly until the following is done:
  • Rework SVG diagrams using re-drawn images prepared for Parts page (as noted above)
  • Document Wiring Option #1