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To-do List (Update 12/25/2011)

  • Receive delrin nuts: Estimated delivery date is 1/1/2012. I have not spoken with the manufacturer in several weeks (he's been terrible at getting back with me, or keeping me up to date on the part's progress)
  • Continue to partially assemble Kits for full backers. (Priority for machines is set by date of backing Kickstarter project).
  • Continue to mfg plates for z-axis motor mount. These are being made out of 1/4" UHMW and are being cut on my ShapeOko.
  • Assemble stepper shields for backers who chose "Arduino + Pololu Drivers"
  • Order more 10ga plates (both motor mount & front/back)
  • Organize hardware (look into getting a set of small bins)
  • Put up shelving by assembly area for easier accessibility to parts
  • Define tool list for assembly.
  • Finish creating assembly animations
  • Design simple enclosure for electronics / power supply
  • Post list of est delivery dates for Full Machines
  • Post list of est delivery dates for assembler kits