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1 Foreign Dewalt version 1 swapped wires


UPDATE GRBL for v0.9! (Must do before SO3?)

Glossary arc B-spline BCL- Basic Control Language ...EIA/ANSI 494. A CNC controller language. Drawing Exchange Format (DXF)- a file format for CAD drawings used to transfer CAD data from one system or program to another, especially those files created by AutoCAD (Autodesk Inc.) Dwell Time- -A timed delay of programmed or established duration used in specific machining operations. Finite-Element Analysis (FEA)- a computer-based method that breaks geometry into elements and links a series of equations to each, which are then solved simultaneously to evaluate the behavior of the entire system. Most often used for structural analysis, but widely applicable for other types of analysis and simulation, including thermal, fluid, and electromagnetic. Finite-Element Modeling (FEM)- the process of setting up a model to be analyzed with the finite-element method, typically done graphically with geometry, where the model is meshed and boundary conditions are specified. Sometimes refers to the evaluation and reporting of results of such an analysis as well. See also boundary conditions, finite-element analysis, meshing, pre-processing, post-processing Gauge Height-A predetermined Z axis clear plane retraction point along the Z-axis to which the cuter retreats allowing safe X Y axis travel. Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language (HPGL)- a format for graphics printing, especially of CAD data, developed and used by Hewlett-Packard Co. and emulated by many others. This format is sometimes used to exchange CAD data among systems. (Hewlett-Packard Co.) Jog- A control function that momentarily operates a drive into the machine. Manual Data Input- MDI-A mode of control that allows the operator to input data into the control system, the data input is identical to the data that can be input by other means such as tape or DNC. Offset- -A displacement in the axial direction of the tool equal to the difference between the actual tool length and the programmed tool length. Optional Stop- A miscellaneous function similar to Program Stop(M01) except that the control ignores the command unless the operator has previously pushed a button to validate the command. Overshoot- The amount by which axis motion exceeds the target value. Solid modeling- a geometric modeling method that completely and unambiguously describes both the exterior and interior of a part or assembly in three dimensions. See also CSG, BREP Surface modeling- a 3D modeling method of describing geometry by its surfaces. Typically used where surface shape is critical, for example, automobile body panels. Surface modeling software generally provides many functions for creating, editing, and evaluating surfaces. See also cloud of points, lofting, swept surface Swept surface- a surface created by sweeping a 2D profile along a trace path. Vector data- a method of defining 2D or 3D graphics by lines, arcs, circles, etc. in contrast to raster data. Canned cycle A set machining sequence used to simplify programming. Detail Drawing A drawing of a part giving a complete and exact description of its shape and size. Chatter The Occasional Vibration Between A Workpiece And A Cutting Tool. Chatter Decreases Machining Productivity, Negatively Impacts Surface Quality, And Increases Tool Wear. Chip An Unwanted Piece Of Metal That Is Removed From A Workpiece. Chips Are Formed When A Tool Cuts Or

Shapeoko 3

  • Main page --- Edward?
  • About page --- Edward?
  • Create Shapeoko 3 section in Sidebar. Divide current page up among:
    • ShapeOko 3 Overview
    • Create
      • B.O.M. (Bill of Materials) --- ?
      • Build Instructions --- Edward

Style guide for the project as a whole?


re-work the current Acme Z-axis page so that it's two:

  • one an initial overview / landing page discussing all Z-axis upgrade options
  • a second for the Acme-specific discussions

update bCNC and Carbide Motion pages

add information on blueprint symbols?

Other sites


  • review plastics magazine linked from the acrylics page
  • re-arrange / organize tutorials for CAD programs
  • need 3D CAD tutorial for --- potential 3D tutorial here:
    • need to create tutorials for all opensource CAD/CAM applications, ideally in discrete units, so that one could pair a design tutorial for a CAD app, w/ a post-processing tutorial for a compatible CAM app
    • Need a page on HeeksCNC (linked to from Workflow)
    • Need a page on OpenSCAM (linked to from Workflow)
  • add individual pages for major components --- thus far we have:
  • Need to work up a better Z-axis upgrade overview page
    • Find all the solutions for increasing Z-axis travel and put them down somewhere
  • We need more Feeds and Speeds values for the Materials page
    • The data we have should be broken out into tables, and I think that the overview table at the top should be limited to the settings for a stock Shapeoko 2
  • Parts page
    • Need SVG added as an allowable filetype for upload
    • Break down SVG diagrams from and make individual images for each part (in lieu of, or in addition to photos?) --- in process Done (I believe)
    • Find CAD data / links for everything on the parts page which does not yet have it.
      • Add links to the eShapeoko parts
  • Create overview image, something like: but which has all parts labelled --- perhaps parts could be dynamically shown / hidden? Collapsing / expanding list of parts / components / assemblies?

Done --- Review?

  • Someone who understands Climb vs. Conventional Milling should review the table here: Climb_vs._Conventional_Milling and the balance of the page
  • re-organize hello world and using machine--- I think these are okay now, would someone please look things over?
  • re-work Grbl pages ---Done? --- the big remaining thing to do is to update the table w/ a column for supported by G-code interpreter version and at least fill in Grbl
  • Change CSS so Code blocks use monospaced font.
  • Finish SVG diagrams and interactivity --- this is done save for two diagrams which can't be done properly (see below)
  • Design simple enclosure for electronics / power supply (addressed by Bart Dring's nifty sheet metal enclosure?)

Assembly Instructions

  • Rework remaining SVG diagrams using re-drawn images prepared for Parts page (as noted above)
  • Document Wiring Option #1