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Tools Required

  • M5 Allen wrench
  • M4 Allen wrench
  • M2.5 Allen wrench
  • M1.5 Allen wrench
Allen wrenches.JPG
  • Blue Loctite (or equivalent)
Blue loctite.PNG
Note: The loctite might not be necessary, but is handy to have around. As the machine vibrates (and it will), your bolted connections have the potential of loosening. If this occurs, use a dab of blue locktight to prevent the guilty bolt of coming loose. It's not necessary to to loctite any of the bolts *unless* they begin to loosen.
  • Small Pliers
  • 1/2" open-end wrench
  • 5/16" open-end wrench
Open end wrenches.JPG
  • M5 0.8 pitch Tap
  • T-handle
Tap and die set.JPG
  • Soldering iron
Soldering iron.JPG