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DrRob is located just outside Cambridge in the UK, and has just taken delivery of a ShapeOko assemblers kit. Woohoo!

Ordering parts in the UK

These are the best prices I've found in the UK for ordering the parts other than the main kit:

The Seeeduino and the stepper drivers have arrived. I can't believe how tiny the stepper drivers are! I may need to borrow a smaller pair of hands to wire them up.

The Tap & Die set and the Rotary tool have arrived. The little button that locks the spindle on the rotary tool while you tighten the collet feels very flimsy, but otherwise looks ok. It's quite a bit bigger than my Dremel.

The steppers are on order (special order from Technobots, but worth it for £8.26 cheaper each than at and I'm in the queue for the main kit of parts. I have a few days off from work in a couple of weeks, so crossing my fingers that everything will be here by then.

20th Feb: the steppers and heatsinks for the stepper drivers arrived today.


I've bought a secondhand 7.2A 24V PSU from Ebay. It was removed from some equipment, and needs mounting in a case so that no-one gets electrocuted:

26th Feb: The case I've made isn't going to win any design awards, but it does the job.

The underside of the PSU is an aluminium plate, which is connected to the main heatsink which is the back plate. I've left a space underneath it in the case, so if it gets hot during use I can put a fan in there to circulate air.

Stepper driver board

I've designed and built a Stripboard stepper driver carrier board.


The lead screw passing through the delrin nut isn't at all square. I've allowed for that by drilling out the holes in the motor plate to 7mm (I had to drill them anyway as I have one of the original delrin nuts with the 6mm bolts).

The M3 x 10mm bolts for attaching the NEMA 17 stepper motors were a tiny bit too long. I cut a mm or two off the end with a dremel and cutting disc.

I made some belt anchors, each from a couple of 25mm sections of right-angle aluminium, drilled and tapped. I looped the belt back on itself, teeth to teeth, to give two flat sides to clamp against.

It took quite a bit of experimentation to work out the correct value for Grbl's $7 setting (step port invert mask), which turned out to be 200, with all the steppers wired normally.

Don't make the mistake I made and let your ShapeOko write with a Sharpie pen onto paper resting on your desk. My desk has a tattoo now.