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ShapeOko #0053

Hello World first cut into 3/4" Plywood painted red


BIG Hello World on two sheets of 18"x24" paper

Rather Large ShapeOko.jpeg

Painted Safety Red
NEMA 23 175oz/in motors
Dual Drive
Alternate, Alternative Belt Drive Configuration
V2 End plates
V2 Motor Plates
Extended Y Axis 1200mm
Extended X Axis 1000mm
Double Makerslide X Axis
18x25mm Drag Chain on X and Y Axis
Prototype ACME screw Z-Axis
DeWalt DW660
Super P.I.D.
Improbable Construct Dust Shoe
Dust Deputy Cyclonic Dust Collector</br/> Custom Welded Table
EBay 4 Axis TB6560 Motor Driver Stepper Board Controller with Box[1]
Mach3 Control