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MLange is located outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and is currently ordering electronics and eagerly awaiting the Inventables Mechanical Kit.

Ordering parts in Canada

The best prices for ordering parts in Canada are mostly found by ordering from US suppliers and dealing with the tax and duty incurred from importing into Canada; however, offers quick shipping from Montreal, QC.

Upgrades Planned (in no particular order)

  • Self-Powered Arduino (Not USB-powered)
  • Dust Brush
  • Emergency Stop Button
    • 1x PowerSwitch Tail II (I have the original PowerSwitch Tail) connected to the spindle power cord
    • 1x Red Pushbutton Switch (In the parts bins here somewhere, really) to pull PowerSwitch Tail high/low(?) (OFF) when depressed, and trigger the Arduino to "Shut. Down. Everything", including proper power-down of steppers(?)
    • OR 1x E-Stop Switch (Princess Auto (Canada))
  • Limit Switches (for the X and Y axes) (Maybe using RepRap v7 Opto Limiters)
  • User Interface (for use without attached computer)
  • Arduino Enclosure
    • Acrylic(?) box with fan for venting and a filter to keep out particulate
    • Touch sensors under the acrylic to allow for UI use without letting shavings/particulate/etc in?
    • OR maybe one of these for the "GO" button: (Rounded: BGMicro / Flat: BGMicro)
  • Wire Wrap
  • Manual X/Y Movement?
    • Wii Nunchuck (clone) over I2C? (I'd imagine I2C could only be used on the Arduino MEGA, as I2c and Serial tend to conflict if used in quick succession on a regular Arduino) (Itead, or any gaming retailer (EBGames (Canada)/Gamestop (US), Walmart, etc)
      • WiiChuck (To connect Wii Nunchuck to Arduino) (Sparkfun, Seeed, [ Itead])
  • Spindle Speed Control
    • Tap into the spindle's speed control knob/slider?
    • Again with the Wii Nunchuck? G-Code?

And eventually, a custom Arduino Shield

Incorporating a number of the elements of the above list into one MEGA-sized (or normal-sized?) *duino Shield, under some form of CC License

  • 3-4 Pololu A4988 Module sockets and associated electronics
  • Support for 1 or more servos (RC Spindle, etc)
  • Support for 1 or more fans (intake/exhaust and/or fan pointed at drivers)
  • Power Interface for 24VDC -> 5VDC via switching mode power supply ( to power the Arduino with
  • Limit Switch pin headers and other inputs (IE E-Stop)
  • SD Card Slot and/or filtered and voltage-regulated headers for one externally
  • SPI port for remote-mounted UI via MCP23S17 (VFD/LCD and related switches. Rotary Encoder?) OR just plain-old ribbon cable
  • XBee footprint for Bluetooth/etc?
  • Footprint for WIZnet wiz820io for Ethernet capability/monitoring?

Random Interesting Items of possible use

  • A small switching power supply (with fan) from an external hard drive case: Goldmine-Elec.. Even has a USB port that the Arduino could patch into

Companies that ship to Canada

This is far from an exhaustive list, of course, just a few favourites. The prices for things vary widely by store. (I don't have any vested interest in any of these stores, I'm just listing them for reference. Feel free to merge this into a larger list of stores/resources) Pro Tip: Don't ever import something into Canada by UPS or Fedex unless absolutely necessary. Go for postal mail (USPS, Hong Kong Post, etc) whenever possible. Even if it's a bit more expensive to ship, it will save you a lot when you take into account UPS's rather high brokerage fees.

  • Electronic Parts and Assemblies
  • Electronic Surplus
    • Canada
    • USA
      • AllElectronics, Santa Clara, CA (They call you with a shipping quote to Canada if shipping is over $10. Website doesn't calculate shipping. $7.50 minimum shipping and handling. Offers USPS and UPS to Canada)
      • Alltronics, Van Nuys, CA (Offers USPS and UPS to Canada)
      • BGMicro, Garland, TX (USPS to Canada, $7.50 minimum shipping and handling)
      • Futurlec, New York, NY (Among others; my order shipped from Germany with a return address in Thailand)
      • Electronics Goldmine, Scottsdale, AZ (USPS to Canada)