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Got tired of seeing my name in red in the recent changes....

I'm a graphic designer who purchased a (used) ShapeOko w/ the intention of automating some woodworking projects and extending my capabilities, esp. hoping to build my own custom brass hardware (and tools) so as to not be limited to what's available for purchase commercially.

I'm an admin on the wiki here, so glad to help out w/ any edits or other issues.

Shapeoko #364-R (rebuilt) w/ ¼″ drive shaft --- this was implemented using:

  • 1/4" pulley
  • 1/4" aluminum rod
  • 1/4" flanged bearing
  • HDPE bearing plate (the central hole on the plate has since been enlarged using a tapered reamer to 13/16"
  • 5mm--1/4" coupler
  • 4 7/32" 1.5" roll pins (used as motor stand-offs)
  • 4 M3 screws 50mm long
  • an assortment of washers

Since implemented double MakerSlide X-Axis, Acme Screw Z-axis and 1m Y upgrades, but machine is not in a usable state yet, see below...

Currently working on moving all belts to the outside and inverting them.

Plan is to:

  • drill new holes to rotate X and Y motors 45 degrees --- DONE!
  • drill new holes in X gantry plate for second pair of bolts --- decided to skip this, since not enough bolts.
  • drill new holes in X gantry plate to invert belt --- DONE!
  • use 10 1" spacers for carriage--gantry plate --- DONE! but they wouldn't fit over the nifty new bolts, so had to use pan head screws
  • enlarge motor shaft hole in Y motor plate to accommodate moving pulley to outside --- DONE! Will test and see if it need a thrust bearing or something.
  • GET 1 MORE M5 30MM SCHS!!!!
  • use 1/4" music wire and 1 1/4" steel bar for Y-axis belt anchors
  • use drawer guides for X-axis belt anchors --- one made, one more to fashion
  • cut 3/16" tubing for motor mount spacers --- used a mix of 7/32" 1.5" roll pins and .5" aluminum spacers instead.