Xylotex 3-Axis Stepper Motor Driver Board

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Xylotex 3 Axis Stepper Motor Driver Board

The XS-3525/8S-3 Stepper Motor Driver Board (Ver 2.03)

'The Perfect Choice For Your Sherline or Taig Three Axis CNC Retrofit'

  • Three axis bipolar drive
  • ±2.5 Amp/Phase PWM controlled drives
  • up to 35 Volt (w/BEMF)
  • FULL, HALF, QUARTER, & EIGHTH step/Full Step
  • Built-in DC-DC Converter for 5 Volt Logic
  • Filtered and Buffered STEP & DIR Signals
  • Built-in Break-out:Screw Terminals for Unused Parallel Port I/O
  • Synchronous Rectification
  • Internal UVLO and Thermal Shutdown circuitry
  • Easy connect for most popular Step/Direction control software
  • Small Size: 4.275" X 2.84"
  • Use with [Mach2] (WinXP or Win2K) or [TurboCNC] (DOS)